The above photographs are of Mr Thomas Dyer Edwardes and his wife Clementina at their home 'Prinknash'. They too were pasengers on the Titanic but had only taken the trip as far as Cherbourg. Their daughter had continued on the journey to meet her husband who was already in New York. The countess received many tributes for her leadership including a letter of congratulation from the villagers of Cranham. To which she replied with a signed photograph of herself.
As a result of their daughters exploits in a lifeboat, a few years later Dyer Edwardes gifted to the RNLI a lifeboat to be stationed at Frazerborough, Scotland, near the family home of his son in law the Count of Rothes. The boat named the Countess of Rothes was taken into service on 1915 and served until 1936.
Dyer Edwardes was responsible for the major building and refurbishment of Cranham Church completed in 1895.
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