This photograph of the children gave an angelic touch to the nativity play in 1968.
The present Church of England school building was founded in 1845, thanks to the generosity of the Lord of the Manor J W Lyon. Later in 1883 the then Lord of the Manor F W Hicks Beach financed the building of the school house. In the early days the playground was stony and had a flag pole in the middle. Children walked to school in all weathers summoned by the school bell.
Copies of the teachers log books from 1895 until 1982 are held in the archive, they give information on teaching methods, pupils misdemeanours and special events. Included are the problems of keeping warm in winter and overheating in summer. It illustrates the need in rural areas for everyone to help out at harvest time causing absences from school. Regular visits by the rector and local gentry are also recorded as are the results of the inspectors reports.
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